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The development story of Sinanlı Group, founded by Ferman Sinanlı in 1952; the story of how entrepreneurial spirit and courageous steps are transforming into great success. Sinanlı Yapı has been operating in the construction, telecommunication, aviation, food, agriculture sectors with a vision that has achieved world standards since from its establishment in Turkey. By always bringing the right technology usage concept and business principles to the future, it has always been a reliable and searchable company.

Mobilkom, which is one of the important subsidiaries of Sinanlı Group and has been providing service on satellite communication systems since 1997, has become one of the most important companies in the field of communication by its activities.

Sinanlı Group has expanded its field of activity by providing service to Turkey with high production capacity in modern agriculture sector. Today, modern agriculture activities in the Southeastern Anatolia Region, which is over 60.000 acres, constitute a significant part of Turkey's agricultural production.

Sinanlı Group targets the summit in every sector that I have stepped in; In order to provide great contribution to the Turkish economy, we continue to work with innovative and continuous success.

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Yiğit İDK Group, which was founded in 1978, continues its activities in the construction sector as well as the agriculture, food and health sectors. They have built modern living spaces, factories and hospital facilities throughout Turkey and continue to work without sacrificing quality.

Yiğit İDK Group, in 1994, bought Malatya Meat Fish Institution from government and continues its activities in modern establishment and meat production. Having completed the region's most comprehensive private sector investment in 2010, the firm built a hospital with high quality standards in Elazığ and continues its operations under control Medical Park Hospital.

The group, which is aiming to build projects in Istanbul's popular and profitable locations, has also built and delivered Fortis Istanbul, the most prestigious and the most rewarding project on the road of Basın Express(Located around Ataturk Airport).

Our mission is building houses and structures where safety, comfort, quality and aesthetics are all together, and crating living spaces where green and nature can be preserved as much as possible.

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